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Construction Services

 Craftmold provides a variety of services related to retail and office renovations, build-outs, and new construction improvements. We provide everything from cost analysis for potential tenant improvement allowances & tenant up-fits, to full construction project completion. Client relationship is our primary focus at Craftmold! All of our services are geared to help our client’s gain better understanding of construction cost. We will work with our clients throughout planning and lease negotiations to insure the lowest soft and hard cost are achieved and cost reducing options are evaluated during the process.

  • General Contracting

  • Construction Planning

  • Cost Budgeting

  • Building Assessments

Construction Planning

Construction planning is a large part of project success. When planning is done correctly you can eliminate costly adds and achieve better bid comparisons, reducing overall project cost. Knowing potential problems and having solutions prior to construction are key! Craftmold will help our clients achieve a successful project through our thorough site analysis and inspection. Our detailed reports and drawings will provide you with everything you need to know about your existing premises.

Cost Analysis & Budgeting

We work through all construction lease exhibits from draft to final execution. Our team will provide all services needed during lease negotiations to help ensure the lowest possible construction cost.

​                Services Provided
  • Scope of Work- Cost budgets
  • Cost Analysis- Comparing work exhibit finishes vs cheaper alternatives
  • Construction Budgeted Cost Breakdown
  • ​HVAC Evaluations

General Contracting

Craftmold general contracting services specialize in the construction and renovation of retail, office, mixed-use markets. We manage commercial construction projects from commencement to completion and help guide construction scope early on through the planning phases.
Craftmold has reputable, quality subcontractors and consultants who are key players in meeting project milestones and substantial completion deadlines. Our experienced project managers oversee all construction phases to ensure project budgets and schedules are achieved on time and with quality results.

Building Quality Retail

We provide project costs that help our clients reduce financial impact. Our professionalism when working with owner/tenant relations, ability to meet quality substantial completion under tight schedules and expertise in a large variety of tenant project completions ensure our success in a competitive retail market.
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Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana

Project Involvement
        - Grey Box Conditions
       - White Box Conditions
       - Tenant Improvements
       - TIA Allocation Budgets
       - Big Box Redevelopment Projects
       - Building Facade Upgrades
       - HVAC Assessment/Replacement